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I. Risks of Macroeconomic Change

Because the adjustment and change of macroeconomic situation and industrial structure in our country, as well as the change of macroeconomic environment in surrounding countries and regions, may affect the balance of domestic commodity supply and demand, cause the sharp fluctuation of commodity prices, and make you face the possible risk of price fluctuation, you will have to bear the losses caused by it.

II. Policy Risks

As an innovative mode of physical transaction, online trading on this platform needs to be perfected in practice. The changes of national laws, regulations and policies and other factors affecting price fluctuation may affect the transaction price. Or the relevant rules of this platform should be revised according to the changes of national laws, regulations and policies. It may affect the changes of the qualification of the trading subject and the trading rules. The above-mentioned laws, regulations, policies and risks of the platform rules may lead to abnormal fluctuations in commodity prices traded on the platform.

Third, appraisal and risk assessment: The appraisal and valuation opinions of commodities are only for your reference, not for your claim of other rights and interests.

4. Price fluctuation risk: Price fluctuation is the essential characteristic of market economy. In price fluctuation, commodity transaction may bring losses to you, and you will bear the losses.

5. Technological risk: There will be (including but not limited to) the following technological risks in participating in commodity trading through this platform, and you will bear the resulting losses on your own:

1. Because of uncontrollable and unpredictable system failure, equipment failure, communication failure, power failure, network failure and other factors, it may lead to abnormal operation or even paralysis of the trading system, resulting in delays, interruptions and data errors in your operation instructions.

2. The transaction system may be suspended due to the transfer of the transaction system and the change of the depository bank.

3. Because of the possibility of being attacked by network hackers and computer viruses, the transaction system may fail, making the transaction impossible and the market information erroneous or delayed.

4. Data transmission on the Internet may be delayed, interrupted, data errors or incomplete due to busy communication, which may result in transaction delays and interruptions.

5. If you lack Internet trading experience, you may fail or make a mistake because of improper operation.

6. Because your network terminal equipment and software system are incompatible with the trading system, it is impossible to make a transaction or fail to make a transaction.

Because of network failure or delay, when you participate in the transaction, your network terminal device shows that the transaction instructions have been successful, and the server of the transaction system has not received the transaction instructions, so there is a risk that you can not buy and sell them; your network terminal device failed to display the transaction instructions, so you issue the transaction instructions again, and the server of the transaction system has received your transaction instructions twice. Easy instructions and trade according to their trading instructions, so that you have the risk of repeat trading; your network terminal device failed to show its trading instructions, so you issued a revocation order, and the server of the trading system has received your trading instructions, and traded according to the trading instructions, so that you can revoke unsuccessfully and have to accept the risk of trading results.

8. During the trading period, the platform publishes relevant documents and data through electronic trading system and professional website to provide you with comprehensive information on the trading market and related industries. When the sending action is completed, it will be deemed that the platform has fulfilled its obligation to notify you. You should collect and consult it in time. If you do not raise any objection to the above contents and actions within the prescribed time, you will be responsible for the possible economic losses and the corresponding consequences.

6. Risk of loss and destruction of commodities traded: commodities will be kept in custody by the custodian designated by this platform in the course of trading, which may result in physical losses of members. In order to protect members'rights and interests as much as possible, this platform will insure all the commodities that are trusted for trading. But when the commodities are damaged or lost, the insurance company will only make economic compensation according to the insurance clause. The insurance clause is detailed in the announcement of this platform. Therefore, other losses besides insurance compensation will be borne by you.

7. Force Majeure Risk: Force Majeure Factors such as Earthquake, Typhoon, Fire, Flood, War, Plague, Social Disturbance and so on may lead to the paralysis of the trading system; System failures, equipment failures, communication failures, power failures that the platform can not control and unpredictable may also lead to the abnormal operation or even paralysis of the trading system; Banks can not control and unpredictable. System failures, equipment failures, communication failures, power failures and so on may also lead to abnormal operation or even paralysis of the fund transfer system. These risks may lead to your transaction declaration can not be completed or all transactions can not be completed, or the transfer funds can not be timely arrived at the accounts, etc.

8. Account Password Leakage Risk: Password Leakage, Account Leakage or False Use of Your Identity Caused by Virus Invasion or Hacker Attack on Your Computer may lead to incorrect declaration instructions, malicious false declaration or failure, delay and error of declaration.

9. During the transaction, if the assets are protected or enforced by the judicial organ due to its own reasons, or if the assets lose civil capacity, bankruptcy, dissolution and other circumstances occur, the resulting economic losses shall be borne by you.

10. Other risks: password compromise, improper operation, decision-making errors and other reasons may cause you to lose;