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Welcome to use AMP Group Limited services. Please be sure to carefully read and abide by the "AMP Group Limited Community Service Terms" (hereinafter referred to as "the terms"), and fully understand the contents of the "AMP Group Limited Community Service Terms" and relevant applicable laws. If you read and accept these terms and use the products and services provided by AMP Group Limited, it is deemed that you have accepted the terms and conditions. This is a statutory clause signed between you and the AMP Group Limited community regarding the use of the website, data, platform, and third-party signal providers (hereinafter referred to as "brokers") that you choose or enable. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use any products and services on this website.

1. AMP Group Limited community trading platform

       1-1. AMP Group Limited is an innovative community trading platform. When AMP Group Limited receives the trader's trading signal (position opening signal), the system automatically confirms whether it has a corresponding follower and judges whether it is consistent with the set follow strategy. If the signal is accepted, the AMP Group Limited follow-up trading system will automatically execute follow-up orders for the follower's trading account.

2. Investment risk agreement

       2-1. Considering that there are huge risks in investment transactions, it is recommended that you fully understand the relevant laws and regulations and consult professional opinions before opening an account and trading, and carefully choose the one that suits you based on your personal financial situation, investment experience, risk preference and other relevant factors Margin trading products.

      2-2. All information (including text, pictures, audio and video) on the AMP Group Limited website is for the purpose of disseminating useful information for the public, which does not mean that AMP Group Limited agrees with its views or constitutes investment advice, and AMP Group Limited will not provide you with any reliable investment advice.

       2-3. The risks in the investment market are not controlled or affected by AMP Group Limited, and all your trading activities are at your own risk.

3. External link service

       3-1. You understand and agree that links to certain other websites through the AMP Group Limited website are provided for convenience only. Because the information contained in these websites is beyond control, AMP Group Limited does not make any commitments to these websites or the information you find on these websites. The link information of AMP Group Limited to these websites does not constitute any type of endorsement or recommendation.

4. Applicable law and jurisdiction

       4-1. The laws and regulations of the place where AMP Group Limited is registered shall regulate this agreement and disputes arising between the parties to this agreement, unless there is a law that specifies the application of other governing laws.

       4-2. In any civil litigation or other litigation process in which a party to the contract seeks to declare any rights or obligations under this agreement, each contracting party shall bear the fees and expenses of its attorney. The contracting parties recognize the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the court.

       4-3. AMP Group Limited may provide this agreement or any other documents, information and news to partners in multiple languages. This agreement stipulates that the partner shall recognize and confirm that the company’s working language is Chinese. In the event of contradictions and inconsistencies between the non-Chinese expressions and Chinese expressions of any documents, information and messages, the two parties will use Chinese documents, information and messages as the standard.