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1. Is the deposit currency for withdrawals US dollars or domestic currency?

The withdrawal currency is Bitcoin, USDT and U.S. dollar. Withdrawal in other currencies, please contact customer service in advance.

2. When will the withdrawal arrive?

Withdrawal bank, the fastest processing is completed within 2 hours; the withdrawal time is Monday to Friday 9:00-22:30, Singapore time. There is no limit to the amount of withdrawal. Please note that the specific arrival time of the withdrawal depends on the bank, Bitcoin, and USDT. speed.

3. Is there a handling fee for withdrawals?

Under normal circumstances, withdrawal procedures are free of charge, and the platform charges fees for withdrawals in 3 situations:

1 If a single withdrawal is less than US$50, the company will deduct 3% of the withdrawal amount as a handling fee during the remittance;

2 After the customer opens an account, the transaction volume is less than 50% of the recharge amount, and 6% of the cash withdrawal amount will be deducted as a handling fee;

3 Starting from the 4th withdrawal within 24 hours, 5% of the withdrawal amount shall be deducted as a processing fee for each withdrawal.

4. What information do I need to provide for cash withdrawal?

To ensure the safety of your funds, before the first withdrawal, we need you to provide a photo of your ID card and withdrawal bank card as identity verification, and securely bind it with your transaction account and funds, and you can withdraw safely after completion.

Bitcoin and USDT withdrawals are used, and you need to submit your digital currency wallet address for safe withdrawals.

5. How to withdraw money?

You can click [Member Center] in the upper right corner of the official website, click [Withdraw] after logging in, and then follow the prompt steps to withdraw money. You can also contact customer service by email in advance to withdraw money.

6. How to calculate the exchange rate for deposit/withdrawal?

Deposits using the online payment system are exchanged for customers according to the exchange rate provided by the third-party payment platform; the withdrawal business is uniformly exchanged according to the bank's currency exchange rate.

Digital currency users' withdrawals will be settled at the exchange rate of Bitcoin to USD.

7. Can different bank cards be used for deposit and withdrawal?

Yes, it is generally sufficient to use the bank card held by the transaction account. If there are other circumstances, please consult customer service.

8. Can I deposit with a credit card?

Platform users can use the officially designated third-party credit card VISA digital currency purchase channel to buy bitcoins and USDT for deposits.

9. Can I use someone else’s account to deposit?

If you can get the consent of the account owner and the deposit account holder, you are free to choose.

10. Is there a minimum requirement for a single deposit?

The minimum amount of initial injection is USD 500.

11. How long does it take for the deposit to arrive?

Use the online payment system to arrive in the account as soon as possible, and pay attention to the changes in the account fund balance after completing the deposit; if there is no change in more than 120 minutes, please contact the online customer service for assistance and provide the bank's capital injection certificate.

Deposit using Bitcoin and USDT, and it will arrive in five minutes.